A Look at Link Building

If you’re new to internet marketing (and particularly search engine marketing), you might not have heard of link building before. The fact is that link building is the very life blood that makes Google (who are by far the biggest authority on how website owners operate) work like it does. If you want to be a successful search engine marketer (whereby you have websites that rank in Google and the other search engines), you’re going to need to understand what link building is and why it’s so important.

So what is link building? It is the process of creating links from one webpage to another (and usually from one website to another). These links might come from a page on your own site to another page on your site (these are known as internal links) or they might come from someone else’s site to your site (these are known as external links).

So why are links so important? In the online world, links are viewed as votes. The more votes your site has (so to speak), the more worthy it is of attention, and therefore rankings in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

So how do you get links? It seems that the best way is to create content on your site that is actually worth linking to. If your site is interesting and is the kind of thing people actually like, links will come on their own over time.

That being said, you can speed up this process by ‘getting your site out there’, and you can do this by promoting it on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.