Affiliate Marketing – is Link Cloaking REALLY Necessary?

The simple answer is – Yes! To yourself the best possible chance of being successful and profitable in the Affiliate Marketing world, Link Cloaking really IS necessary.

The main reason you should cloak your affiliate link is to avoid link bypassing. When you move your mouse over a link, your AFFILIATE link can be seen in the status bar. All someone has to do is type the link into their address box without your affiliate ID added. This will bypass YOU and take them directly to the merchant.

Why would someone want to do this?

Some people just want to deal directly with the company that created the product. Maybe they feel they’ll get better support.

They may try to become an affiliate themselves, before the purchase, and insert their own ID instead of yours. Meaning that they get what should be YOUR commission.

Either way, you miss out on the sale.

There also some people who resent the idea of affiliates making money out of THEM if they purchase the product. When you cloak and shorten the link, it will give them the impression that it is your own website and they will feel happier about clicking on the link.

The advantage of making your links short is that they are easier to share – and easier for people to remember. They also LOOK nicer. Impression is very important in this business – visitors will only click on links that look reliable.

You can track stats on cloaked links so you know how many clicks you’re getting and where they’re coming from. When you use a link cloaking software your domain name will still be shown when your visitors clicks on the link – this is very important for branding.

So, do you understand now why Link Cloaking really is necessary? I hope so.essary? I hope so.