Broken Link Building – The Dark Horse

When it comes to search engine optimization, SEO experts and webmasters usually fail to look beyond quality content, blog posting and press releases. But little do they realize that broken link building is probably the most underused white hat SEO technique. But before probing into how to make the most of this lesser-known beauty, let us first have a look at what broken link building actually is and what it has to offer.

What is broken link building?

Broken link building includes locating resource pages in your industry niche and relevant target markets, looking for any broken links on those pages, communicating with the person who owns the website and inform them about the broken link and then offer an alternative, a quality resource (which in this case would be the website which you are optimizing) and then take credit of a suggestion of your own resource on that very suggestion. Once you learn to do this according to the scale – i.e. finding thousands of broken links at once – then it could do your website a world of good.

To identify broken links on a page, you may use Google operators to find resources, for example, ‘search item inurl:resources’ and use a link checker like to identify the broken links on a given page.

What makes broken link building efficient and effective?

Some of the benefits that make it a highly recommended SEO technique are:

• It pays back immediately and you are actually doing something valuable for the website owners. By suggesting alternative resources you are actually doing service to the website owner and visitors, while also increasing traffic on your website.

• There is no dearth of broken links on the internet, so this is a resource which you can always tap in.

• Once you supply a good alternative resource to a broken link, the website owners might get more careful about links on their page and turn to you whenever such a situation arises again in future and count upon you to provide a good alternate resource.

• Creation of content can be done in multiple ways. Also, you don’t need to create content by yourself. While finding broken links you might come across many useful resources and you may recommend the same to the websites. This might also encourage the website owners to give a link to your resource in return just because you made that much of an effort for them.

• It’s a white-hat technique, completely ethical and can be worked for a large number at a time.

How to do it?

Here are a few tips to help you carry out the link building:

• Make different avatars relevant to the different market niches and make sure to communicate with each of them.
• Don’t go over-the-top transactional. A simple ‘This link is broken, here’s an alternative’ will be detrimental. Instead try a more detailed and communicative approach.
• Learn to identify opportunities wherever they arise.
• Follow up with the websites that you contacted.
• Make sure to monitor the response because they could also hold a world of opportunities in them.
• Pick a team for finding contacts and submitting forms, each.
• Time your emails and responses very strategically.

There are countless possibilities in the world of broken link building. If an SEO expert learns to tap them, it would certainly prove to be the dark horse of all the techniques and a game-changer in the long run.