Establish A Unique Linking Strategy

Due to the web development and growing competition, search engines are considering link relevance a crucial factor to rank web pages. As a website owner, if you want to develop a long-lasting relationship with Google, establishing a unique linking strategy to rank high on Google should be among your top priorities.

Ranking in Google is like being part of a competition. The more votes in favour the higher you will rank. In order to get those expected votes you need to have quality links pointing toward as many web pages inside your domain as possible. This is a way to show Google that your website contains plenty of quality material that is worth being ranked.

Quality links are those that come from high ranked websites. Google ranks pages from 0 to 10. The higher the number the more Google trusts a website, which will result in an authoritative website. You can get the page rank information from the Google Toolbar. Alexa Rank is also another meter of websites popularity.

Links coming from top class websites are a lot more significant that the topic relevancy. If your website deals with dog training and you have 1000 links coming from low rank dog related websites, that is less significant than having 100 links pointing in your direction from authoritative websites, though their main category is other than the dog training world.

Links should also come from a variety of sources. Build links from the larger number of websites that you can afford.

Search engines also take the anchor text of the link pointing to your website into deep consideration. You need to make sure that the links are created naturally, that is, they must have a common theme but be written differently. If the topic of your website is still dog training, the link pointing to your site could be something like this: canine training, dog teaching, dog trainers, etc. You need to avoid the same text link in order not to look unnatural.

Some experts claim that the position of the link can also influence ranking. Links integrated into the context tend to be more relevant than those that are isolated or in the footer.

Link exchange doesn’t seem to be a good idea in terms of ranking since non-reciprocal links are more valuable to Google. Examining your competitors could be a good source of high quality links and submitting your website to topic specific directories could be part of your strategy, since they are usually high raked websites.

Remember that your main aim should be getting high quality links whenever possible. The consistency in building links is what will have a greater impact on search engines.