Internet Marketing Strategy in Web 2.0 World

The second generation of the Internet is different than the first generation so many things have changed considerably including Internet marketing. However, there are lots of ways that Boston web sites can capitalize on the differences and really market their website as a result. There are many things that can help you market your website from the actual web design to the content on the site and more. The following information will help you understand a little better how to market you Boston website design in the Web 2.0 world.


Links are one of the greatest tools available to you to help you market your website and get more hits. The more links you can get pointing back to your website increases its ranking with the search engines so when someone searches for specific terms your website will have a higher ranking than others that don’t have as many links. It takes a little bit of time to get lots of different links but you can do so over time by having other websites list your link, posting your link in directories, and more. When you have lots of links you will see the difference in ranking and traffic to your site.


Another way to market your website is through original content. It might seem crazy, but the more original the content on your site and the more original content is added to your sit the higher your site will be ranked. That goes the same for the more pages you have on the site as well because there is more for the search engines to index.


Pay per click advertising is another great way to market your site and it is an unobtrusive way to get more traffic. You simply bid an amount of money on a certain keyword or keyword set and if your bid is the highest your ad will be ranked number one or wherever it falls among the other advertisers. When people search for a particular keyword they will see your ad and possibly click. You can make money off the clicks as well.

There really are a lot of ways for you to market your website in the web 2.0 world and these are just a few suggestions. If you implement these you will certainly see an increase in traffic and the more work you do on your website your marketing efforts will result.