Link Building is Not Really That Hard As it Seems

Link building is the most vital part of an SEO campaign. Once a site is developed and all the on-page factors are considered, there is nothing more important than running a link building campaign to get the site rank high on search engines.

Most site owners struggle with this backlink building part of the SEO campaign. Anyone can develop a site or get it developed by a professional web development company or freelancer. However, not just anyone can build the backlinks that is needed to rank a site high. It takes broad knowledge and years of experience to be a successful link builder as once needs to know what works.

There are plenty of SEO articles floating around the web and lots of them are claimed to be informational. Where in reality, most of those so called expert articles are outdated and contain information that is no longer valid. Google makes about 500 minor updates to their search engine algorithm and makes one major update once every year or two. What found to be working this month may not even work next month due to recent Google update. If you are not on the top op all Google updates and capable of figuring out how to deal with the latest update, you will not be able to run a link building campaign successfully. All your work might just go right down to the drain as you might be utilizing a link building method that is already outdated.

Don’t believe it? Or the “guy” told you to use link exchange for backlink building that works like charm? Let me tell you something that will rock your world. “Link Exchange” doesn’t work anymore. In fact, Google will discount any links that is gained from link exchange. It is clearly posted on Google support site that any links that are paid or otherwise arranged to pass PageRank is in violation of Google policy and Google works hard to discount such links. It is therefore important to know which method works and which ones don’t.

So what to do? How to figure out which method works and which ones don’t? You can read a lot and do a lot of experiment. Read all you can and try to figure out the basic things of backlink building. Try to figure out which one works and then develop a link building plan. Rest will be pure experiment of one of more methods to see which one produces better result.

Sounds pretty hard? Well, it is actually hard to do all the research and experiments merely to figure out which method works. Either you go through the whole 9 yards yourself or outsource to a link building service provider or to an SEO Company who has gone though all the testing spending months and years of time. If you decide to outsource your link building project to a link building service provider, always do a little research about the company to see if you find any reviews on them. At least not finding any negative review on the SEO Company in question is vital.

Good luck on your link building campaign.