Link Building Tips for New Websites That Want to Succeed in Internet Marketing

In the internet marketing world, link building is an extremely crucial part of increasing traffic for websites-new or old, it doesn’t matter. Link building does not only increase traffic but improves the rank of you site in the search results. Here are some link building tips for newly launched websites.

1.    The most common mistake of people who are into internet marketing is linking their website to just any website they find. Link building can only yield desirable results when linking occurs between two relevant or similar websites. And one of the best ways to increase your website’s Page Rank is through acquiring one-way links instead of reciprocal links. The best way to do this is through relevant directories.

2.    Distribute a press release about your new website. In fact, regularly do this whenever there is something or any newsworthy about your products or services. Press release websites allow you to include a link or two at the end of each post.

3.    Avoid submitting your new websites to new directories until they are fully-functional and are ready to use. If you have interactive sites (i.e. forums or classifieds), wait until there is some sort of user-activity before you start submitting to directories.

4.    If you have extra budget, you may want to pay for your websites’ inclusion in major directories such as Yahoo Directory. Acquiring quality links from this is extremely valuable in improving your site’s search engine rankings.

5.    Avoid creating new links with spaced characters, for example “P u p p y”, or letters that are made up of other characters because search engines won’t be able to interpret these words properly. As a result, the benefit to your rankings will not be as great.

6.    So far, the most valuable links are on pages with high Page Rank in Google or pages with high traffic. You may use to determine your website’s PR or to measure its popularity.

7.    For new websites, it would be appropriate to concentrate on building links toward your home page. Try to link your home page to other relevant and important pages so they will receive some of the benefits such as search rankings and direct traffic)

8.    To succeed in internet marketing through link building, search for relevant sites that have very high lists of related links. If the website’s owner offers his or her email address to send link suggestions, grab this opportunity and give it a try.