Link Building Tips for Small Businesses

In the online world it can be all too easy to assume that offline business relationships no longer matter so much. The current, near-obsessive focus on social media and online marketing can make your day-to-day business acquaintances seem less important. Yet, as a small business, your offline relationships can have a big impact on your online presence and should never be underestimated.

In this article we’ll be exploring how the everyday relationships which your small business creates and maintains in the real world can be an invaluable resource when it comes to building links and strengthening your online presence.

Ask and you shall receive

The internet can be a pretty anonymous, impersonal place sometimes. Asking websites you have no relationship with to provide you with a link with no incentive for them is not likely to pay off. However, real world acquaintances are often more willing to provide you with the link you require. If you have a real life connection with a business who have a recommended companies or links page, your request may well be rewarded with a great link.

Share and share alike

Some SEO experts believe that reciprocal link building is void since the two links may well cancel each other out. However, exchanging links with another good website can help you to build up your link profile. This kind of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship is much more common amongst businesses who have an offline relationship as cooperation is valued more highly.

Guest blogging

This is a great way to get links to your website and to grab the attention and interest of potential customers and clients. By supplying interesting, top-quality blog posts to related websites in exchange for a link, you could well see increased traffic and your link profile will benefit too.

Although guest blogging does work relatively well online, it is even more successful when you work with a known business. When you work with websites you do not know personally it can be tricky to ascertain what type of content suits them best and there is no guarantee that your blog will ever get posted. By arranging guest blog opportunities with contacts offline, you can get a real handle on the kind of topic and tone they want to publish. It is also much, much more likely that your blog (and link) will see the light of day!

Get out and about

There are a couple of other neat little avenues you can use to gather links for your small business by using your offline contacts. Attending local events which feature an online guest list will give you opportunities to network and could also gain you a link as a bonus. Meanwhile, online networking directories can offer you a valuable interpersonal business resource alongside yet another opportunity for link building. Win-win!