Importance of Links and Link Popularity in SEO

In this fast growing Web 2.0 world, links have become increasingly important as of today. We know that links play a vital role in the development of a website.

Links are connection between the pages. They make the web interconnected. Links allow the visitors to navigate from one website to another. Links are what make the World Wide Web moving on.

Link Popularity holds a major role in a ranking strategy. It refers to the number of ways in which your site’s link is popular across the Internet. Generally link juice and link reputation are the terms associated with link popularity.

In order for your link to provide links back to your website, it must appear in the search engine databases. The search engine robots must index the web page that includes the link to be included into the search engine databases. Backlinks are a measure of popularity of your site on the internet.

Link Building is considered as an off-page SEO factor because the value is determined by another page. Anchor text in your inbound links is the main factor when building backlinks. The Search engines manly rely on link popularity, the higher the link popularity the greater the chance of your site’s visibility.

However, the popularity is only part of the link building process. The quality and context of links is also taken into consideration. It mainly includes quality and quantity of links, relevancy of sites that link to your site and the anchor text.

The Link popularity of any given page within a site is typically related to the overall link popularity of the site’s main and important page-the home page. This is because most inbound links come into a site’s home page. They are very important because every major search engine now considers them as a part of their ranking algorithms.

But many of the webmasters began to use crooked ways of increasing their Popularity in the form of link farming. Link farming is nothing but a group of sites that link to each other (irrelevant linking) with the intention of increasing their popularity in search engines.

Some of the ways in which you can increase your popularity of links is by submitting to major directories, writing quality articles and publishing them, internal linking structure, request and build quality links, write completing content.

Building the popularity of links is important and the link building process needs to be given high priority.

Link Building is a time consuming process. It should be thought of as a long term goal. An effort made by you today will result in better search engine rankings for tomorrow.

Small URL – Hiding Your Affiliate Links for Free

In this article, I will cover a growing problem in the affiliate marketing world – “Link Piracy”. There are people out there who, rather than clicking through your affiliate link and purchasing the product you are promoting, will instead read the destination address of the link, and then either enter the vendor’s web address manually without your affiliate ID, or replace your ID with theirs – either way, you lose your commission.

Why Do They Do This?

The most obvious reason is to put your commissions into their pockets. If you are, for instance, marketing a ClickBank product, anyone who has a ClickBank account (describes most affiliate marketers) can simply take the address in your affiliate link and replace your ClickBank ID with theirs, and the commission goes to them, not you! They get to buy the product you are promoting, and effectively get a rebate on the price by collecting your commission.

There is another type of “link thief” out there – the grumpy old guy who just doesn’t want you to make money from his purchase, even though it doesn’t cost him anything. He would rather go to the trouble of removing your affiliate ID from the link than to see you profit from providing the solution he needs. This way, nobody gets a commission. I suppose making money from marketing a product just sounds too “capitalistic” for some.

There is a third group – not really thieves, but they still rob you of your commissions: The Nervous Surfer! This is a person who has heard so much about the mischief going on out there: viruses, phishing, porn sites.. that he doesn’t want to click on a link that doesn’t look “normal”. (and what looks normal about ““?)

Can They Be Stopped?

Here’s the good news and the bad news… The bad news is “no”. If someone is knowledgeable enough to know what an affiliate link is, they can easily figure out how to “hijack” it. It doesn’t matter what the link looks like in your article or blog, they can hover their mouse over the link and see the address that it’s going to. If not, anyone who’s been surfing the web for more than a week can figure out how to grab the web address of the vendor’s site once they’ve clicked on your link. Then they can clear their cookies and re-enter the address without your affiliate ID.

What you need is a small URL. A URL is, for our purposes, the web address – a small URL is exactly what it sounds like – a web address that doesn’t look like an affiliate link.

Affiliate links usually look something like this:


or even something like:

You can find software and websites that will “mask” your affiliate ID, by providing you a shortened version like:

where “” is the website providing the link, and LinkName is whatever name you want your visitors to see.

A small URL, one without special characters or ID numbers, may be overlooked by inexperienced link thieves who may not recognize it as an affiliate link. A small URL will also help with the “Nervous Surfers” mentioned above – they’ll see a “normal” looking, non-threatening link that won’t intimidate them.


Gone are the days when nobody knew what Affiliate Marketing was, and nobody cared what your affiliate links looked like. Link theft is part of the landscape now, and a small URL may be just the ticket to increasing your commissions!

Good Luck!

CJ Reynolds

Link Building Service – Do You Need That?

Want to stay ahead of competition and wish to have a larger viewership? Then it’s time to turn to the web. It’s time to hunt for a good link building service to give your site a little extra.

The truth is, the online business arena is indeed a challenging one. And today you can easily establish your online portfolio on the rostrums, developed by the industry experts. The need of the hour is your will to establish your folder in the World Wide Web and the right attitude and approach to follow. Just as in real time, viral marketing supports in promoting your business idea far beyond the immediate sphere of influence, in online world there are the link building services to steer in major changes in the overall sales statistics.

So it’s no more just your requirement rather you need the service to promote your business folder globally. Why? Well, with the help of link building like with that of the link wheel business strategy you get the chance to capitalize on the established business presence of others.

Let’s see what link building can do for you.

  • The link building service gives you the sure shot way to convert clicks into profitable sales by steering in more relevant footprints.
  • It supports you to use the platform in connecting with the semantic support segment to promote your service and products
  • On the other hand it helps the new business to be seen on the website of an established bigwig.
  • This services supports you to create awareness, visibility and credibility of your site. It’s all about spreading word about the site all over the internet.
  • This means that link building as a service and also as a concept aims at creating visibility for the website on the internet. In other words, more links to your website, ensures more credibility and in lay language more people will come to know about your site.
  • It is certainly not just a process to getting good rankings alone. But, the more relevant the link placement is, the more reliability and authority the site will have.

It’s a journey indeed and to successfully generate revenue from the versatility of another predecessor, it’s time to deploy a dedicated link building service provider. The good news is, now the services are on offer from the professionals, who are around since the advent of the World Wide Web marketing.

The experts not only help you to identify the target market and best links but are there to enable you in reaching the client database faster. In the online world where your web presence and web ranking holds more sway on your blood pressure it is the time to look for the cutting edge technology to stay ahead of your competitors; it’s time to invest on link building service to let your online folder stand apart in the clutter.