Link Building Service Links the World to You!

Ever since search engines became supremely powerful, SEO services have been in great demand. The concept has been around for over a decade now, and there have been so many changes that have taken place in all these years, that the original concept will not be recognized today even if it comes right in front of you!

However, a few basic fundamentals have not really changed, and one of the key fundamentals is link building. A good link building service will not only put your website on top, but will also see to it that your site remains there for a long long time.

If you look behind the screens and observe why search engines give so much value to the concept of link building, you will see that this happens to be the most trustworthy factor that a website is popular. And we are talking about one way links here – especially as they are the ones which tell the search engines how popular a website really is. A good link building service would strive to create high quality one way links, so your site remains at the top of search engine result pages.

Like we were mentioning earlier, the whole concept of SEO services has undergone massive changes, but link building has been standing like a rock in the midst of all this chaos. With the advent of web 2.0 and user created content, the process of building links has become way too easy. But the search engines refined their processes and just building sites no longer is sufficient to ensure a place at the top of SERPs; else every other website had the same number of links, and the process of ranking became immensely difficult. Modern link building services have their own set of workings, and the good ones see that in spite of all the different rules set in place by the search engines, the sites come up on to the first page and stay there. After all, that is the long term purpose of SEO, isn’t it?

Veering slightly away from this, what is so strange is that so many people invest thousands of dollars, months of time, and so much more into creating a website that is supposed to be their gateway to the world; and don’t optimize it. What fun is having a website built with all that love, and it gets relegated to the 105th page of Google??

It is absolutely true that a good link building service links the world to you. And contrary to what a lot of people think, it does not cost the moon and the stars. A good link building service should have packages available for all kinds of websites and all kinds of budgets; and should also be able to give a practical time frame in which you will be able to see the efforts paying off.

For any website that is serious about linking to the world at large, finding a good SEO service is mandatory!

Without a Throne of Links-King Content Has Nowhere to Sit in the SEO Kingdom

There will be many that will disagree with me on this statement but the facts support my claim that content without links as a foundation is completely worthless.

I have seen many sites with an abundance of quality content and a lack of links that have no traffic. I currently have many customers that had beautiful websites prior to using my services and had absolutely no traffic. To illustrate this lets build 2 imaginary websites here.
The first website is built with loads of quality content, just page after page of well written and informative content and the website is launched live on the net. Three months go by and no traffic is showing up to visit this king without a throne. Now lets try to get some people to come and worship this king. Lets send out the messengers to let the world know that the king lives. We send the messengers and do not give them information on where the king is located (Links). Again, no one shows up. Now, Lets take this a step further, you place the message out in public that the king lives but just a general direction to him; just a posted url that is not an active link on a high traffic site. How many people do you think will copy and paste the url in their browser if it is not an active link from a small ad? Not many. Now lets look at the natural search results. This is like having the king on the top of a mountain. But this king is content and he is in the valley, he has nothing to lift him to the top of the mountain (links bring you to the top of the serps). So this lonely King dies of old age a lonely old man because he had no throne or foundation.

Now lets do site number two. This king has built his throne of links. He has links to his location all over the land and they lift him to the top of the mountain and the whole world can see him and have a clear direction to him. He is easy to find and worship because he is easy to come before. He may not have as much content as the other king but he has the multitudes to visit him and he is happy.

This may sound like a fictional story and a lot of wishful thinking, But you can have a website full of content and have no visitors. There are people out in the SEO world that would like you to believe that links are no longer a factor. Content writers that push this content is king theory because they are content writers and their livelihood depends on it. Content has its place and is very important to a website. Once you get a visitor on the site content is important. It will keep them on the site.
Let me make this one thing very clear! You will Never get any decent amount of traffic from content alone. I have listened to many people say that if you have quality content that people will flock to your website. This is totally false. How will they find you without links? Ohhhh, I see, you say the search engines. Well if you are found in the search engines, then they have a link to your website on the search engine.
You say articles? There is an active link in the resources box. No matter how you look at it, there is limited to no traffic without links.
There are several advantages to content. You can impress a visitor once they get to your site, you can convince them to use your service or buy your product. And if you have enough juice coming in from links you can get default content search results and lots of them.
Now lets look at one of the most trafficked ecommerce sites on the net, If you take a look at their website they lack in content in an awful way; nothing but links, images, and a few small descriptions. Not what I would call Royal Content. Yet they rank in the top of the search engines for tens and hundreds of thousands of keywords worldwide. I wonder why they rank so highly if content is king and links are second rate? Just for fun lets do a back link check. Here are the results. Yahoo is showing 617,505 back links, Google showing right at 254,000 links and MSN is boasting 114,850 to shopzillas credit.

When you investigate the actual facts you will see that King Content is 100% worthless without a good foundation of links to support him!

The engineers at the search engines who write the algorithms are not lacking in intelligence and have put a balanced program together to rank sites. We do not live in a perfect world. But they have done a very good job of leveling the playing field when it comes to natural search results.

If you use the whole program you will benefit from natural search results. No one component will take you to the top of any business, online or brick and mortar. You have to learn to use the complete system to thrive in any business. All of the parts work together; Links, Content, customer relations, viral marketing, Pr campaigns, and many other methods working in tandem like a well tuned engine.

Link Building Tips for Small Businesses

In the online world it can be all too easy to assume that offline business relationships no longer matter so much. The current, near-obsessive focus on social media and online marketing can make your day-to-day business acquaintances seem less important. Yet, as a small business, your offline relationships can have a big impact on your online presence and should never be underestimated.

In this article we’ll be exploring how the everyday relationships which your small business creates and maintains in the real world can be an invaluable resource when it comes to building links and strengthening your online presence.

Ask and you shall receive

The internet can be a pretty anonymous, impersonal place sometimes. Asking websites you have no relationship with to provide you with a link with no incentive for them is not likely to pay off. However, real world acquaintances are often more willing to provide you with the link you require. If you have a real life connection with a business who have a recommended companies or links page, your request may well be rewarded with a great link.

Share and share alike

Some SEO experts believe that reciprocal link building is void since the two links may well cancel each other out. However, exchanging links with another good website can help you to build up your link profile. This kind of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship is much more common amongst businesses who have an offline relationship as cooperation is valued more highly.

Guest blogging

This is a great way to get links to your website and to grab the attention and interest of potential customers and clients. By supplying interesting, top-quality blog posts to related websites in exchange for a link, you could well see increased traffic and your link profile will benefit too.

Although guest blogging does work relatively well online, it is even more successful when you work with a known business. When you work with websites you do not know personally it can be tricky to ascertain what type of content suits them best and there is no guarantee that your blog will ever get posted. By arranging guest blog opportunities with contacts offline, you can get a real handle on the kind of topic and tone they want to publish. It is also much, much more likely that your blog (and link) will see the light of day!

Get out and about

There are a couple of other neat little avenues you can use to gather links for your small business by using your offline contacts. Attending local events which feature an online guest list will give you opportunities to network and could also gain you a link as a bonus. Meanwhile, online networking directories can offer you a valuable interpersonal business resource alongside yet another opportunity for link building. Win-win!