How is Your Link Builder Working Out?

Link building is one of the keys to creating a successful online presence, but it’s not a simple process. These days, people are so accustomed to tuning out advertising that you’ve got to be really clever, or original, or funny to get people’s attention. And while people are trying to tune out things like TV ads, billboards, or ads in magazines, they’re using the Internet more and more, for business, for entertainment, for banking, for gaming, for conversation, even for dating. More and more, audiences are turning off the old media, or reconfiguring them for personal use, instead of just passively lapping up whatever comes up on the screen. With the profusion of Internet-capable phones, PDAs, laptops, notebooks, watches, and other gadgets that people are using, it becomes supremely obvious that Internet technologies are almost the only way to pierce an audience’s increasing desensitization to conventional advertising techniques.

While many advertisers are sitting around frustrated, others are taking advantage of this new medium. More and more businesses are utilizing a relatively inexpensive way to establish a presence, on the Web and in the brick-and-mortar world simultaneously. These days with all of the sophisticated software and reasonably priced computers that are available, it’s easy for someone to create their business website. Many are extremely professional, eye catching, and well done websites for a very low price.

What really separates the wannabes from the genuine Web success stories is how they marketed themselves. The smart and successful entrepreneurs and businessmen utilized link building SEO in a coordinated online marketing campaign to establish their web presence. They used blogs, social media marketing, articles and press releases to establish a brand for their companies. What’s more, they used the Internet to get noticed in the outside world.

Outsourcing to an online marketing company will provide you with the information you need to know, and they will perform the work that needs to be done. They know how to study and exploit smaller local or regional markets just as readily as starting a viral campaign that gets the entire world talking about your name, product, and/or services. The more well-known you become, the more hits you’ll get on your website, moving you ever-upward in the rankings. If you can become featured on the first pages of major search engines for certain keywords, then the world will certainly beat a path to your door. The right marketing company could be building links for your company now, 24/7. But are you sure that you’re working with the right link builder for your needs?

A good link building company will have experience, a proven track record, testimonials from former clients, and a network of resources. Link builders and their employees will be able to inform you about the process, their suggestions for a campaign, and have a staff full of creative, influential, and savvy people. Ask them questions such as, what is your policy on “blackhat” links (spam links)? Do you guarantee links? Their answers will provide you with a good idea whether they are or aren’t a good company.

Utilizing the latest techniques, you can target your efforts to the demographic you’d like your website to attract. Your links, oftentimes, will be permanent and available for a lifetime to anyone and everyone interested. But, you have to have the right kind of marketing help to do it ethically and worthwhile. The professionals you hire have to be creative and technically innovative, sure, but they also have to have the sensitivity to get to know your company, and the image that you’re trying to create on the Internet. Face it; branding is almost everything these days. Without an established brand, how do you expect anyone to notice you against the din of everything else in modern life trumpeting for your customers’ attention? Building inbound links to your company website is one of the surest ways to increase the size of your business. You need links to succeed, so what are you waiting for?

3 Tips for Great Link Building

Here are the three best tips to get those all important links:

Provide the best content

This may sound like a given, but making sure that when you build your own website you put the very best content you possibly can will go a long way to organically building up some great links to your website. If you have content that is interesting, original and regularly updated, you will find that people will start linking to your website automatically. This is great for you and your website as the rewards for producing top quality content that is regularly updated go way beyond just building great links. The success and popularity of your website over the long term will depend on the content and a sure fire way of increasing the links and ultimately the success of your website is remembering the old adage Content is King. If you are worried that when you build your own website that you have not initially got the skills or resources to provide the compelling content, then have a look at the vast resources online, there to assist you and if that still fails, then hire a writer, commission blogs, hire an editor, collaborate with others; there is plenty you can do to make sure the content is good enough to get those back links


Getting listed in web directories is an excellent linking strategy that produces great linking results. The first two web directories to aim to get listed in are the two biggest; Yahoo and the Open Directory which is used by Google. These two are by far the biggest and most turned to all across the world and should be a priority to get listed in these because of the sheer volume of traffic, a listing can generate.

It might be that there are more specialized web directories that will suit your own website, in which case have a good look around, do your research and just by tapping in web directories into your search engine you will find an absolute plethora of directories, most of which completely free to get your website listed in. One of the advantages of searching through a search engine is that it will bring up first the directories that generate the most traffic and these should be where to start after Yahoo and Open Directory.

Reciprocate Links

The final best top to get links is to put links to other websites and don’t be shy or bashful in asking for return links. It might even be the case that you do not need to link to their web page, but spending some time and researching what websites are a) relevant and b) most likely to include a link to your website. If you are planning to do a link exchange, it might be a good idea to put links to their website on your own website first before approaching them. When you do approach them, it should be either by email or by telephone (it can also be by letter, but email or telephone is the preferred method of contact). Make sure that when you do contact them; give them a clear and definite benefit to them so they can add a link to your website. This may be in the form of a reciprocated link or it may be in the form of a natural linking up but make sure there is a benefit and you choose the website you request to carefully, after doing your research.

There is every reason when you decide to build your own website to tell the world about it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get other people to tell the world for you and this is where formulating your own link building strategy comes into play. Follow these three tips to build great links and increase your websites chances of success.

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