Four Reasons to Develop Links

In today’s online world, there have been number of ways conceptualized to make your business an identity and more effective in online world. Link Building is one such important aspect that impacts the growth of any website. And therefore,

Building effective links has turned out to be an important part of any online marketing activity. You must be wondering how this methodology of building links would help your site in getting ahead of your rivals. There are many reasons to it but fact lies beneath the development of quality and thematically relevant links, which is always a right approach towards the promotion and popularity of your website on Internet world.  Needless to say that Internet traders must be having plenty of options to earn better income or to get increased ROI but intensive link building efforts remains on top of the list, especially for those who want to achieve quick result in their business. An outstanding search engine ranking result of a website, through link building efforts, is directly proportional to higher traffic, higher conversion rate and higher revenue.

Four main reasons for developing links on your websites are:

  • Links are assets

On Internet, your website is your property and therefore it possesses some value. On the other hand, links are assets that add value to your property. How? Let us explain here- As you know Links are one of the most important factors that helps bringing traffic to your site and this generated traffic is responsible for your website to earn saleable value. Apart from generating substantial traffic to your website, it improves search engine rankings, builds trust, market intelligence, publicize your site and a lot more.  The strategically developed link network offers significant value to the overall campaign while search engines determine the value of your website.

  • Links build trust in your site

It is a fact that search engines score Link Building as one of the most important factors while determining ranking of the websites, for very obvious reasons. Let’s assume your site has many links pointing towards it from other sites. It shows that your site must contain good quality content and relevant information. Always ensure to develop links from trusted sites.  A link is like a vote and total score of links/votes are considered as one of the most significant algorithmic factors in improving search engine rankings.

  • Links create direct traffic to your site

You can’t deny the fact that you are one among those who often clicks a link from a trusted source to reach to a new webpage. Users like you are likely to follow links that are recommended on trusted sites or links that make the landing site appears information rich. More links is equal to more traffic which means more revenue, is a tried and tested formula. A well planned strategy for building links helps you target your potential customers or customer market and thus even help  improve sales to much extent.

  • Wider Search Engine Coverage

Yes it’s a proven fact, developing links gives your site wider coverage by search engines. There is possibility that you have not submitted your website in any of the search engines but in due course of time, search engines pick your links placed in other websites and index your site after recognizing it well. Search engines which do not list your website for free, can also pick a link to your website from other websites, and sooner or later, list your website on their search pages.

Building links is important because it works as navigable tool between internal pages of a website or helps in navigation through different websites. But apart from providing regular site navigation, it increases the applicability of your site since the content on a web page can be linked or extended to several other pages and areas of interest, without obstructing the flow of original subject. This is a fact that a website with more quality links pointing towards it is first taken into consideration by search engines. All in all, developing links improves ranking of your websites on search engines. Developing links from webpages with higher PageRank and thematically relevant sites give your site a higher value fulfilling criteria set by search engines.

Link Building That Works to Achieve Organic Traffic

When choosing affordable search engine optimisation, it should provide you with a link building service, whether you have a website to promote services you provide or you have an e-commerce shop where you sell products to clients around the world. Link building is essential to your search engine optimisation success, helping you improve brand visibility, drive clients to your website and enjoy a good return on your investment in the long run.

Organic traffic is getting harder and harder to achieve, but it is the organic traffic that helps you grow your brand and achieve online success. This means you need to build links to ensure you direct clients to your website throughout the day.

Link building is offered as affordable search engine optimisation services in two methods. The first is automatic and this is the one you should stay away from. Automatic links are affordable, but they are automatically generated and therefore you are not guaranteed that you have a high quality link, which can result in you being penalised by Google. The other option is manual link building, this takes time and is done by hand. A search engine optimisation expert will conduct research and identify links to direct to your site, ensuring that you are seen as a valuable resource by search engines at all times.

One of the ways you can source links is to ask for them. Whether you are using an affordable search engine optimisation service or you are trying to manage your SEO on your own, asking companies that are related to your business industry in some way and are regarded as reliable and reputable for links may help you grow. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get,” is a common saying and it is the same when it comes to your link building, ask manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders for links to help direct more traffic to your site on a daily basis.

If you are selling products in your e-commerce store, then it’s worthwhile building online relationships with your manufacturers. Speak to manufacturers about your links, get them to help you with your link building to not only help you, but to benefit them in the long run. Remember your manufacturers are also working on their own SEO campaigns, which means sharing links with you is another way for them to generate more clients and income moving forward.

Interestingly, what may people don’t realise is that info graphs still work In fact info graphs are a great resource and also provides clients with valuable information that they are looking for. Linking an info graph to your page can help clients find the information they need and then visit your site to find out more or to make a purchase.

Affordable search engine optimisation will also provide you with internal links. Internal links are as important as your external links. They help you become more visible to search engines while helping your clients have a more enjoyable shopping experience when using your website. Providing clients with links between your web pages makes navigation of your website easier and ensures clients find what they are looking for quickly and effectively.

It is important as part of your affordable search engine optimisation service that the links used are checked on a regular basis and any broken links and poor quality links are removed or changed. Google is looking for high quality links, a broken links or a link to a poor quality website can result in you being penalised and finding your company losing ranking in search engine results.

Clustering Articles For Greater Link Popularity

Clustering is a methodology used in many aspects in today’s societies. Typically, it is used to tie similar, but different systems, functions, or ideas together into a single structure while each piece of the structure stands on its own merits.

Strength in Numbers

The old axiom, “Strength in Numbers”, best defines the basis of clustering. People have been using clustering since the dawn of man by gathering in groups to establish a community and utilize the strength of the community to overcome their adversaries. Likewise, they have used that strength to produce food, tools, clothing, and other material items for the use and survival of the community. Countries have even joined together for a common goal and defense. During disasters we often see countries and organizations joining together to help the people to overcome the destruction that has been caused. All of these groups and organizations working together have formed clusters for “Strength in Numbers”.

Today we can see many examples of clustering in the business world where companies join together to form larger and stronger companies. However, today we often term such actions as mergers and acquisitions. Never the less, such actions are still a methodology of clustering.

Cluster Marketing

When the techniques of clustering are applied to marketing methods the effects can produce some pleasing results. For years, internet marketeers have been applying the methodology of cluster marketing in their everyday marketing practices. When they launch a product they join forces with several key marketeers to advertise the launch.  Now, if you were to be a member of each marketeer’s opt-in e-mail list, you would receive an e-mail about the same event from several marketeers instead of just the originator of the launch.  This act of joining together is the very basis of cluster marketing.

When marketeers launch a product they don’t just use e-mail as their only medium of advertisement. In addition to e-mail they will use press releases, direct mail ads, webinars, tele-seminars, etc. All of these different types of advertising are pointing to the one web site that the marketeer wants you to visit. The one limitation to cluster marketing is that it is a one way methodology. Cluster marketing in itself can be very powerful if the advertiser wants to throw enough money into the advertising campaign to sustain it long enough for the general public to catch on to the message it’s trying to deliver.

With cluster marketing techniques you get one way links to your site as that is the direction the methodology is designed to support. The cluster methodology of marketing with the one way design has been very useful and powerful over the years as it emulates the human desire of pointing people in the right direction. Search engines have also found the one way links to be popular in ranking the popularity of a web site.  Within the last few years we’ve even seen the introduction of three-way links and have found how popular they can be with search engines.  However, setting up three-way links between various sites can be extremely time consuming unless you already own many sites where you can add all of the links required for three way linking.

For years, marketeers have been experimenting with ways to build more links, with more “link juice” from authority sites. For the most part the results have been the same, the more advertising and the more articles that are produced the greater the link popularity. It has all boiled down to “Strength In Numbers”.

Clustering Articles

A few years ago I started to experiment with the broader technique of clustering articles. Soon, this method started to take hold within the internet marketing community as its ease of use became evident. This technique involves using a group of topic related articles to create back links to the target web site. These back links would not only relate to the target web site, but to other related locations. This inter-relational organization technique showed that over time, the link popularity increased while using fewer resources than the conventional one way link or three way linking methods.

One of the more popular aspects of clustering articles is that it can be accomplished using free internet resources instead of extensive paid advertising. Also, back links can be established in a shorter amount of time using variations of the original related topic articles. While it is possible to use un-related topic article groups, the link popularity isn’t as good as using related themes throughout these groups.

It’s important to note that these groups should be created from original content instead of copying someone else’s work.  The article directories and search engines are smart enough to know when you’re faking it with copied content.  Original content and variations of the original content in clusters have been found, in all cases, to produce the greater desired results.

Social Networking and Video Sharing

With the introduction of Social Networking the ease with which this technique can be implemented has increased over time. Additionally, the introduction of video sharing sites, do-it-yourself video production software, and camera systems with enhanced video production techniques has also enhanced link popularity when coupled with clustering articles. In future articles, I will expand on the “Techniques of Cluster Marketing” and “Proper Creation of Variations for Clustering Articles”.