Power Linking to a Powerful Marketing Campaign

As the old cliché goes, change is inevitable. This statement holds true for practically anything and everything in this world, including business and marketing strategies.

In this increasingly connected world, people who work in the field of marketing have had to adapt to the change, so online marketing was born.

One of the current buzzwords in the online marketing world is power linking, but what exactly is power linking?

There’s really no one definition of power linking, but it is usually described as a marketing strategy employed by some webmasters to increase the number of people going into their respective websites.

How exactly they do that, we’ll discuss later.

Now, what are the benefits of power linking?

Well, there are a lot actually.

First of course, is increased inbound traffic for your website. Power linking helps get more people to visit your site, which of course is essential if you want your marketing campaign to be successful. Increased traffic is the single most essential thing for a good marketing campaign.

Second is improved quality of your traffic. You’ve already got more people visiting your site, but through power linking, you’ll get more people who are interested in your site’s content to visit it more often. Through power linking, you are able to target consumers very easily.

Lastly, you will see a dramatic improvement in your search engine rankings. Watch your pagerank go higher and higher by power linking. This is a big help for any website, let alone a business website.

Now, how exactly is power linking done?

Well, one way is by exchanging links with other sites. But it’s not just any other site you should exchange links with. There are certain guidelines to follow to really gain more benefits through power linking.

First off, you should only trade links with sites that share a similar target audience. That way, both your site and the one your trading links with benefit from increased traffic.

Then, you should make sure that the site your trading links with has a clearly visible text link that will be easy to spot not only for site visitors, but for search engines as well.

Next, the site your exchanging with should not have over 50 links in a single page. Most search engines ban pages with too many links in it, so it won’t do you any good if you have your link posted there, and that’s not how you make power linking work for you.

You also have to make sure that your power linking with a site that has a static html link page, so the page doesn’t move around much. This way, search engines can keep track of it.

There is also etiquette when power linking, so there are some things to remember when power linking.

One is that you should place a link before asking for an exchange. It’s simply rude to ask for a link when you haven’t linked yet. You should also give out exact URLs when power linking to make it easier to link directly. Also, never ever spam for link exchanges. Most webmasters will just ignore it, and it’s quite rude as well. Lastly, never delete a link for no good reason. It’s just not the proper thing to do when power linking.

Now that you know how power linking is done, nothing should stop you from reaping all of its benefits. So go ahead, and power link your way to a successful marketing campaign.